June 25, 2019
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If you have ever been clothes shopping, bra shopping, or if you have boobs, you probably wondered: “Are my boobs normal?”. Well, science has the answer, and the answer might surprise you.

Boob size varies between women of different nations and even different points in time. For example, having a varied diet means a different fat distribution and body shape, and therefore different boob size.

But if you are a woman living in America, science has finally found the average boob size.

Brief statistics:
And that average breast size is 34 DD.

Now that might sound ridiculously huge to be the average, especially considering that 34B was the average 30 years ago. That is a huge fluctuation in boob size in just  30 years.

So are America’s boobs growing? Well, maybe a little bit, but probably not all that much. It might be a change in the type bras that women are choosing to buy. Women today are way more likely than they were 30 years ago to go to a bra store and ask to be fitted for the perfect bra, which means they are more likely to get a bra, that suits them accurately, rather than trying to squeeze themselves into a bra, that is too small. Manufacturers are also making more different bra sizes infancy are patterns and colors, which means women can get the bra they want in bigger sizes.

Now, 34DD is the average size for America, but it is not necessarily average around the world. One study in1997 found that Chinese women had a slightly smaller bra size. Scientists haven’t fully understood why there is a variation between boobs, but it is probably a combination of genetics, diet, and general environmental factors. And it is true.

Did You Know?
It is normal to have different sized boobs between the left and the right.

And science has found that the left one is more likely to be the big one. So don’t worry, ladies, your asymmetrical boobies are normal. Remember, they are sisters, not twins.

In case you are wondering the largest size of bra commonly available is the size L and the smallest is the AAA.

The largest boobs in the world belong to a woman named Annie Hawkins in the good old US of A; her boobs measure at a huge 48 V, and yes they are natural.

Contrary to popular and unfounded belief, larger breasts of women are smarter. A  2011 study from the University of Chicago found that larger breasted women were on average ten IQ points higher than their smaller breasted sisters. But if you’re on the lower end of the boob spectrum don’t despair. A study found that men who are more financially secure are more likely to be attracted to women with smaller boobies.

Women with smaller breasts are also less likely to experience back pain and less likely to get black eyes when they go jogging.

Know Your Bra Size

So just starting out with the biggest life hack and this is something that I think everybody should be aware, no matter what your boob size is. The biggest life hack that I could give anybody is to know your correct bra size. So many girls go into stores like Victoria’s Secret or Pink and have to go in and guess their bra size. And that is bad because having a wrong bra can not only be bad for your self-esteem and not knowing what size you are, but it is also just not good for your body in general.

You can walk into any bra store and they will fit you for free. No payment necessary, you can just walk in and say “I need to know what size bra I am, can you please help me out?” And they will help you out.


All right, so moving on to the second life hack and this one is one of my favorites. And that is bralette.

Quick Note
When you have small boobs, bralette will be a lifesaver.

And if you don’t know what bralettes are, they’re basically like fake bras, so they’re pretty much bras with no padding, and they’re just made of fabric and lace. And the best thing about bralettes is that they’re cute.

So a lot of times people will always try to hide their bra straps and stuff like that because it is not nice to see your bra straps. But bralettes are made to be seen so that you can wear them with low cut tops; you can wear them with sweaters, where they can see the straps. Bralettes will be a lifesaver because they are way easier, they’re way more comfortable than regular bras because there’s no padding or wiring going through them, so it doesn’t have to cut into your skin whenever you wear once. Wear some bralettes, it is good.

Stick On Bras

So the third hack for having small boobs is a question of what do you do when you have to wear a bra, but you can’t wear any bra that shows? So what do you do when you need to wear a bra, but you can’t wear a regular bra, you can’t wear a strapless bra? The answer to this question, my friends, is stick on bras.

Stick on bras are honestly one of the greatest things created by man. I love stick on bras because they give some form to your boobs and they also cover what you want to be covered. So if you feel uncomfortable, kind of just like baring it all in a dress or a shirt, wear a stick on bra.

Washing Bras

The next hack and one of the most important things for having small boobs and dealing with your bras are always remembered to hand wash your bras. Now, I know that this is something that can be really inconvenient for a lot of people. I hate hand washing stuff, it is not fun, it takes a long time, but honestly washing your bras and putting them through the dryer can be really bad for them.

Being the girl with small boobs, I think we all know that when we do wear bras, we want to have some shape and some form, so it doesn’t just look like fabric over our boobs. And so putting your bras consistently through the washer and dryer can make them lose that shape and form that they always have.

And also if you are going to put your bras through the washer, always remember to take the padding out before you do that, because, again, if you put it through the washer with the paddings still in the bra, it can mold the padding and make it look really strange.

What Is The Average Breast Size?
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