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Vigorelle sex enhancement cream is a topical cream which is applied to the vaginal area to stimulate it during foreplay and sexual intercourse. Vigorelle has incredible stimulants that maximize pleasure and lubrication during sex.

What Is It?

It is a sleek gel in good packaging. Unlike most other products which are taken orally, it is a topical option.

Quick Note
All you need to do is apply it to your intimate zone before sex.

Typically used during foreplay, part of the experience is rubbing the cream on. Vigorelle has a spicy feeling when it is being implemented to the skin but not too intense actually to burn.


Vigorelle has been on the market for several years now. And yes, it has a good reputation. While there are many come and go products in the industry, Vigorelle has stood the test of time. What does this mean? It means that it must be working for women.


The effects of this topical cream are almost immediate. While they may not be extremely durable, you will be going through bottles in no time. Why? Well, because it feels great.

The primary goal of Vigorelle is to engorge your vaginal and clitoral area which in turn, intensifies your sexual experience. The results will wear down over the period of a few minutes, but you will also be noticing an increase in your vaginal lubrication, which is a direct result of increased blood flow. Unless you have sensitivity, you can continue to reapply Vigorelle as needed.

How Does It Work?

The ingredients in this product are the key to its effectiveness. Vigorelle focused on a botanical blend of potent topical stimulants that stimulate, encourage or agitate blood flow to the focused area.

The active ingredients of Vigorelle include:

  • Gingko Biloba;
  • L-Arginine HCl;
  • Suma root;
  • Damiana leaf;
  • Rhizoma Dioscorea villosae, also known as Wild Yam;
  • Peppermint leaf;
  • Various vitamins.

Once your skin is affected by this topical cream, your blood flow will increase and therefore, the nerves of the area touched will be more sensitive in general. Thus, providing a more desirable experience.

Is It Safe?

Yes. Although there is no clinical study on this product, it is reviewed and promoted by several doctors on its website and across the Internet on the website where it is marketed. Also, the cream is used externally, not internally as well.

In case you might have skin irritation to the ingredients, tested it first before you apply it on your genital area. Just put a small amount of the cream on a less sensitive area.

Moreover, you can feel safe buying Vigorelle as the manufacturer have a 60-day return policy available.

Types Of Female Sexual Dysfunction

When we’re talking about sexual dysfunction and we’re jumping for that now, we’re looking at four different disorders:

  1. Hypoactive sexual desire disorder which has to be with low sex drive.
  2. Arousal disorder which has to do with genital arousal and subjective arousal.
  3. Orgasmic disorders.
  4. Pain disorders.
Clinical Facts
The most common sexual dysfunction in women is hypoactive sexual desire disorder that affects about one in ten women.

That’s what I’ve done most of my clinical research and to show that there actually is a biological basis to this.

Sexual dysfunction is not caused by medication or a disease or “oh my husband or partner is driving me crazy tonight.” It is caused by, for example, in this case of HSDD, an imbalance in brain chemicals.

We know this because we did the research and saw that women with HSDD, their brains react very differently to sexual stimuli compared to women without HSDD. And we put with an MRI machines and measure blood flow to the brain to understand that. We know it is the brain chemistry problem. So that’s an example of the most common sexual dysfunction.

 Women’s brains function differently, they react differently to sexual arousal.  Are we talking about the same type of sexual arousal or can one woman react differently to this type of arousal and then positively to another, whereas you know the other woman might do exactly the opposite.

When we were talking about the different types of arousal I mean they’re all kinds of arousal. We’re talking about two separate things. Though there’s the desire component, the low or absent sexual desire, and then there’s the arousal component, which could be genital arousal, it could be emotional arousal in the brain. And what we’re looking at in the women who have the low sexual desire or HSDD, these women were exposed to a sexual stimulus.

In this case, it was a video that they were watching. And we did tons of research to find out what kind of videos women found arousing and what we should use in this particular research study. So that the stimulus was this video and we asked women to rate how aroused they were by the video. And these women were not really experiencing subjective sexual arousal, and they weren’t developing desire.

Their brains reacted differently, we found this area of the brain. And women with HSDD they just didn’t have any activity in that area of the brain. Rest the women without HSDD did. And what’s interesting about that brain area is this is an area where women basically process positive emotional memory. So there’s some idea, and it’s also regulated by norepinephrine and dopamine which are sort of arousal brain chemicals.

We did find there was the biological difference between women with and without HSDD. So that’s sexual desire disorder.

Vigorelle Sex Enhancement Cream Facts You Should Know
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