June 25, 2019
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Today our topic matter is impotence which also known as erectile dysfunction. I want to expand a little bit upon it and give a little bit more information about the numerous causes of it and to make a notation that it’s not necessarily something that somebody suffers from later on in life.

Quick Note
When it involves impotence, age has nothing to do with it.

All the studies, everything that came out on this particular topic matters, says it doesn’t age. So whether you’re 20, or you’re 80, you have these issues, you will have problems. If you don’t – you won’t.

When you look at the definition of it, there are two different kinds:

  • There’s a primary which generally occurs at birth or when there’s extreme trauma in the early childhood years such as sexual abuse or physical abuse.
  • And then we have the secondary which tends to occur later on in life due to some of these other causes.

If the primary is there in existence, it would be difficult for a man to get an erection or all the time from the time he’s a boy on upward. And generally that’s a complicated issue to resolve, sort of psychological counseling and if it’s psychologically induced. But more often than not it’s due to physical problems in childbirth or because of a congenital disability.

Did You Know?
When we talk about the causes of secondary impotence, the number one on the list is going to be nutritional deficiencies.

And with the standard french fry and hamburger diet that we have out there, we see a lot of these. I mean there are certain minerals, certain vitamins that allow the blood to flow very well, that would enable your nitric oxide, which lets you get an erection to stay hard. If you don’t have those elements or proper nutrients to supply those elements, you’re not going to be able to get an erection, or if you get then, you’re not going to be able to stay there.

Also, diet seems to be, as I said the french fry and hamburger diet, a high saturated fat, high sugar, overeating kind of food lends itself to impotence. And then you add on to with the lack of exercise – this is the standard American man nowadays. That is why we see so many problems with it.  Probably why I’m seeing so many customers coming in and complaining in addition to these other factors as well.

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Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction

Now I want to talk about the treatments for erectile dysfunction.

So what are the treatments in general? I’m going to cover this first before we get to the specifics.

There is medical type treatments and non-medical treatments. The medical treatments that most people familiar with are the pills such as Viagra, Cialis, Levitra. There is another kind of medical treatments such as injections and suppositories.

And then there are non-medical treatments such as the vacuum device or penile prosthesis.

So a lot of men asks what happens if you don’t do anything? Let’s say you just have erectile dysfunction and just don’t do anything. Well, what happens, unfortunately, is that the penis like a lot of other things in body is a use it or lose it organ. And just like the bodybuilder who stops lifting weights they are going to shrink and atrophy, in the penis is no different.

For example, man who had prostate cancer surgery, and have had the prostate removed, and have profound erectile dysfunction as a result, they find in average is about 2 centimeter loss and the longer they go without erections, they tend to lose some more size as well.

We do not recommend doing nothing if you want to preserve erectile size, and this has been proven in animal studies and human studies.

The pills are the thing that I think most people are familiar with. Viagra was introduced in the market in the late 90’s, and then Cialis and Levitra came out in 2003 and they do work pretty well. If you look at studies and look at how much they improve the erection, about 80% of men will say that their erections are improved versus about a quarter of men who were just taking a sugar pill or a placebo.

Now if you ask the question how many men are able to have a successful intercourse, that’s not as good as 80% because you can’t just have a better erection, you have to have an erection that sustains long enough for intercourse; it is hard enough for intercourse, but it stills pretty reasonable.

Now the medications are not for everyone. There are certain medications that will not allow a man to take one of these pills for erectile dysfunction, such as certain medications that are used for high blood pressure, that can be dangerous.

Did You Know?
Additionally about 30% of men have side effects from using these pills, whether it is a headache or feeling flush or nasal congestion. But only about 5% of men stop using the pills as a result of that.

There are some keys to using these pills successfully. They are amplifiers; they are not magic pills, so we always tell men if you take these pills and go watch a baseball game you will not have an erection unless you love baseball. Another key element is that they work best if you have an empty stomach, so you take the pills either before dinner or after a snack, but not after a big meal.

Types and Causes of Erectile Dysfunction
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