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Delay time can indeed be increased during premature ejaculation. Premature ejaculation is a male sexual dysfunction characterized by the inability to last longer during intercourse.

Ejaculate too quickly almost always pairing disappointed. If it is not addressed, these disorders can disrupt domestic harmony.

You have to be aware of the facts that there is no premature ejaculation product except Prosolution Plus, Delay and Duramale pills, that will help you to delay ejaculation time.

What is Prosolution Plus?

This is a herbal formula that improves your sexual energy and helps to treat the problem once and forever. This is a permanent solution for those men, who want to stay longer in bed and satisfy a partner.

Until now no instant remedy can cure premature ejaculation. Even the causes of premature ejaculation are also not known with certainty. Various herbs and medicines are made and touted to cure and overcome premature ejaculation, but still, many men are disappointed.

In this article, we will discuss some of the ways to overcome premature ejaculation for ordinary people, from the use of the best Prosolution Plus pills, Prosolution Gel, cream to abdominal breathing exercises.


Quick Note
Press your penile shaft before you orgasm. This suppression motion will delay your ejaculation. You may feel a little discomfort.

But not all doctors approved this method. It is difficult to treat premature ejaculation,” said Ira Sharlip, MD. “Because men are generally not able to control themselves when entering the moments before ejaculation,” she continued.

Disrupt Your Mind

You should think of something that is not related to sexual intercourse when are engaged. You may think of the match violin or musical performance or even attempt to think of math problems.

Not concentrated mind to sex will make you last longer, and ejaculation can be postponed. This is due to the mind is not focused on matters of sexuality is being done.

Use a Cream or Spray

Reduce the sensitivity of the penis shaft using a product that has now been sold. Using condoms can be trusted to make you last longer during sex because the skin of the penis is not in direct contact with the walls of the vagina so that the sensitivity can be reduced.

You can also use VigRx Plus Delay spray that is sold to prolong sex; they can help to numb your manhood, so it becomes less sensitive when having sex. By using this tool is expected to overcome premature ejaculation even if only temporarily.

Best Premature Ejaculation Pills

We want to talk about such pills: Prosolution Plus, DelayClimax Control and Duramale. These products are made from natural ingredients, they are safe to use and really effective.

We have found a lot of reviews on male enhancement forums, that confirm the effectiveness of these supplements.

All of them include herbal extracts, that are well known to improve erection, stamina and your control over ejaculation. What is the difference between those products?

Every formula is different, it includes a different set of components in different proportions.

Some men are experiencing great results using Delay formula, but mostly Prosolution Plus is better than any other supplement. You can expect to see a better erection hardness, your ejaculation time will increase by 30% and your stamina will be improved.

The manufacturer of this formula is a popular company, that has a great reputation on the market. You should buy 6-12 months of supply to expect permanent results.

Duramale is safe and it really prolongs lovemaking. The first results will be seen in 7 days. Most men buy this product to start control their ejaculation fast.

Climax Control is developed in the USA, it has all the certificates, that prove the quality of the supplements. Men report about first results in 14-21 days. You can stay up to 30 minutes longer in bed and your erection will be improved.

Best Premature Ejaculation Pills vs. Dangerous Drugs
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