June 25, 2019
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Today’s article goes out to all the men, who are balding, thinning, receding, or straight up bald. And for those of you with glorious flowing locks, before you dismiss this article and say “Man, I got hair, Seacrest out.” Well, you may not need it now but someday you might. And if you do, this post might be the thing to ease the emotional distress associated with hair loss. Today, it’s all about hair loss tips and tricks to love your look.

Genetics are a bitch sometimes. Unfortunately, we don’t get to choose the hand to deal with, if we did, men would all be 6 foot, too handsome, fluffy-headed fellas, but we don’t get to choose. However, we do have a choice on how we play the cards that we are dealt. The way I see, you got two options. The first option – you look at those cards that you were dealt, and if you don’t like them, put them down, fold them, and cannot play because you’re upset because it’s not perfect, then they’re not aces. Or you can go all-in. It doesn’t matter what you have, your all-in baby.

Did you know?
Well, gentlemen, the sad reality is is that the majority of men experience some degree of hair loss throughout their lifetime.

And no matter how hard you fight it, how many lotions, potions, or pills, you take – a lot of times the inevitable happens, and your hair falls out. Well, today I thought I’d go over some of the tips and tricks, tools of the trade that I use when working with a man, who is thinning or who has lost their hair, to help improve their self-esteem, boost up their confidence, and give them a look they love.

All right, so you’re balding, how are you going to handle it? Now, there are two schools of thought, two camps of people when dealing with hair loss.

There’s the first camp that fights it like a kung-fu master. They are trying every potion, lotion, witch doctor to prevent, slow, or stop the hair loss process. And the deal is, there are a few things out there like Rogaine and Propecia that do work to some degree. There are side effects and pros and cons both of them.

And the other group of people is the guys that realize are going bald and like “Man, this sucks, but it’s going to happen, so let’s do this.” Well, regardless of where you fall in that spectrum of trying to fight it and embracing it, you can do some things to enhance the look of a bald head.

Alright, before we get into what you should do,  let’s talk about real quick one thing that you definitely shouldn’t do, and that is the comb-over  . A comb-over is allowing the hair on the side or back of your head grow long and strategically styling it over the bald area. Camouflage. Men, don’t do it. I know it’s a temp thing. Well, it is not worth your time or energy, and it’s not worth living your life, looking for reflective surfaces to make sure it hasn’t shifted. Don’t live like that. You’re focusud, you’re always worried about if somebody will notice.

Gentleman, when it gets to that point when it starts to buzz the bitch, take it short. Now, I’m not necessarily saying go completely bald because personally, I feel that a little stubble looks incredible when seamlessly and systematically blended with the short beard. What? Don’t you think that seems great? To prove that it makes a big difference, let’s do a little experiment.

Okay, take a look at this gentleman. He’s a handsome enough guy, but your eyes drift upwards towards the bald head. You notice that he is bald first. He needs something on his chin to balance his look and to draw the viewers eyes down level with his. Now, see that your eyes focus on his eyes. That chin hair’s just enough to bring the eye and visual interest to the center of his face.

And let’s do another before-and-after. And this doesn’t just work with beards; it also works with goatees or strategically placed soul patches.

Not feeling the facial fuzz, maybe you can’t grow it, perhaps you can’t wear it for work or school. No problem.

Quick note
You can incorporate a nice pair of statement glasses, a dynamic pair of eyewear or lenses is an excellent way to add that interest and dimension to your face.

Or you can do both uses and think of glasses as an accessory. It doesn’t matter if you need them or not, you can buy them with clear lenses and rock and roll.

In conclusion, gentlemen, hair loss, going bald is a reality for many men. It is very challenging and emotionally distressing time. But you should embrace it. And when you do, your confidence level is going to skyrocket. Gentlemen, like my grandfather, used to say “God only shows the beautiful and perfect heads that he made, the rest he covers with hair. My head more lumps than a bag of rocks.”

Learn more about male hair loss on menshealth.

How To Embrace Hair Loss. Tips For Men
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