February 19, 2019
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Physicians in India will lead you to believe that wearing fitted clothes, more specifically pants, lead to impotence. For those, if you are not familiar with the medical terms, erectile dysfunction is basically when your penis will not get hard.

So impotence in old men, it is pretty much standard stuff, right? Erections require blood flow and so if you are older, or you are any age, and you are taking medications that deal with blood flow, as in the case with people with high blood pressure that can affect the penis and the lack of erections.

Quick Note
High blood pressure medications, sedatives, anti-depressants, all these things do a lot of times effect on your penis adversely.

But here is the deal: in a younger man a lot of times it is more psychological. Depression, fatigues, stress, the feeling of sexual inadequacy or a lot of times being abused as a child.

Nothing to laugh about, nothing to joke about but these are treatable. But nowhere in my extensive research did I see anything about skinny jeans. I found a few articles talking about bike riding and an inability to get an erection. I am not talking about going for a leisurely bike ride on the beach or going out once or twice a week for a 5 mile.  We are talking about people that spend hours on a bike and more specifically on those pointy hard, uncomfortable seats.

And see what happens: all that times you are sitting there, and you got this pressure right on your perineum.

I also on earth evidence gentlemen that are wearing underwear that is too tight, too constricting, that does not let your testicles do their thing.

I found scientific research that polled a hundred men that wear skinny jeans. They came to that conclusion that the 30% of men that wear skinny jeans claim that they are not exactly as comfortable as looser pants.

I have concluded that wearing skinny jeans does not affect your penis’s function.

Does Skinny Jeans Cause Impotence?
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