June 25, 2019
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Physicians in India will lead you to believe that wearing fitted clothes, more specifically pants, lead to impotence. For those, if you are not familiar with the medical terms, erectile dysfunction is basically when your penis will not get hard.

So impotence in old men, it is pretty much standard stuff, right? Erections require blood flow and so if you are older, or you are any age, and you are taking medications that deal with blood flow, as in the case with people with high blood pressure that can affect the penis and the lack of erections.

Quick Note
High blood pressure medications, sedatives, anti-depressants, all these things do a lot of times effect on your penis adversely.

But here is the deal: in a younger man a lot of times it is more psychological. Depression, fatigues, stress, the feeling of sexual inadequacy or a lot of times being abused as a child.

Nothing to laugh about, nothing to joke about but these are treatable. But nowhere in my extensive research did I see anything about skinny jeans. I found a few articles talking about bike riding and an inability to get an erection. I am not talking about going for a leisurely bike ride on the beach or going out once or twice a week for a 5 mile.  We are talking about people that spend hours on a bike and more specifically on those pointy hard, uncomfortable seats.

And see what happens: all that times you are sitting there, and you got this pressure right on your perineum.

I also on earth evidence gentlemen that are wearing underwear that is too tight, too constricting, that does not let your testicles do their thing.

I found scientific research that polled a hundred men that wear skinny jeans. They came to that conclusion that the 30% of men that wear skinny jeans claim that they are not exactly as comfortable as looser pants.

I have concluded that wearing skinny jeans does not affect your penis’s function.

Vacuum Constriction Device For Erectile Dysfunction

I would like to take a few moments to speak to you about a treatment option using the vacuum constriction device for the treatment of erectile dysfunction or impotence. I’m going to tell you what a vacuum constriction device is, how it works, what are the results of using the pump, and I will tell you about its cost.

A vacuum constriction device is an external pump, which a man places on his penis, and he can use it to obtain and maintain an erection adequate for sexual intimacy.

How does the vacuum penis enlargement device work?

It is a plastic tube that is placed over the penis, and by hitting a button on the vacuum constriction device, the air is pulled out, creating a negative pressure and allowing more blood to rush into the penis, then rush out of the penis. Then the blood is trapped there with a ring around the base of the penis and left in place as long as the man wishes to engage in sexual intimacy.

The device can be safely left in place to thirty minutes to allow successful intercourse.

How successful is the vacuum constriction device?

Nearly 50 to 80% of men are satisfied with the result of using this form of treatment for their problem of erectile dysfunction.

Who are the candidates for a penis pump?

Any man who has poor blood flow to his penis; another example is men with diabetes; men who either have had or are about to have surgery on the prostate or colon would be candidates for using the vacuum constriction device to increase the blood flow to the penis. Also, a pump may be helpful for men who don’t have intercourse very often.

Side effects

The side effects of using the device are an occasional bruising on the shaft of the penis that usually disappears after a day or two. Also because of the constriction band at the base of the penis, it may restrict the ejaculation at the time of orgasm. However, the vacuum constriction device does not interfere with pleasure or orgasm during sexual intimacy.


The cost of a penis pump is anywhere from 300 to 500 dollars; the more expensive ones are battery-operated, the lesser expensive ones use a manual pump to evacuate the air from around the penis. Insurance companies do pay for the vacuum constriction device, including Medicare, which will pay for at least a part of the cost.

In summary, erectile dysfunction is a common problem affecting millions of American men. A vacuum constriction device is one effective option that men can use for treating their erectile dysfunction. So help is available.

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